About Us

At the age of 15, I bought my first pair of speakers… The money came out of my own pocket from my job at a local fish and chip takeaway/restaurant cleaning the dishes and making the batter for “Britain’s Finest”. The speakers were to be used for a house party I was having. However, the party wasn’t quite as you’d imaging a 15yr old would have.

I spent two days gutting out my large garage, clearing everything to the shelves at one side and putting it all behind a giant tarpaulin. A table at one side, these two passive speakers with two scanners I had borrowed from a friend and we were away. However… We charged £5 a ticket for 50 people to come and all the money raised was donated to Candlelighters, a local children’s cancer charity based at St. James Hospital and the specialist oncology departments of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals. It’s a charity that was close to myself and my family.

From there on DJing took off, soon being asked to DJ for friend’s and families events. The hobby grew and grew over the years and before long I was playing 2 to 3 times a week at various venues around Leeds. The hobby grew even further and before long I was taking on club and bars along side the private events, spreading right across the north of England. 

Today, I’m a resident DJ at a number of venues and am also involved in organising DJs for other venues too.

As it stands my experience in a whole range of events has given me a huge music knowledge spanning many generations and genres. From current chart music, back to a 70s and 80s disco night, I’ve done it all, but more importantly I’d like to think I’ve done it justice… With events ranging from a handful of guest up to and exceeding the 1000 mark, no crowd is too big or too small. 

In my eyes there is no room for complacency, every event is unique – even if its a regular night with a strict music policy. Every week the crowd changes, the vibe changes slightly and I am passionate about being able to judge that and using that to create a connection with the audience to work with them to make their night stand out. I believe is this commitment and consistent effort at every event which leaves me in the position I’m in today, gigging 2-3 times a week and enjoying every minute or every gig.