#Repost @diabeat.this (@get_repost)・・・The time every morning that I look forward to… #TresibaTime ….Naaaatttttt [email protected] I think you need to remove the barriers in funding creating this silo mentality where each department looks at its own funding and look at long term outcomes and costs on an individual patient basis. Spending £25/week on me to find me with my #freestylelibre system and funding an insulin pump for me could save the NHS thousands a year in appointments, hospital admissions and having to deal with the complications in developing as a result of my poor control.This poor control isn't through lack of trying any more (it used to be I'll admit) but it's now down to the lack of resources I have to effectively manage my diabetes whilst still holding down a work and social life balance.I'm doing 40 units of this insulin every morning however, a new insulin that I was started on in November. I'm a fairly savy guy when it comes to my own diabetic care however I don't believe waiting over 6 months for a 6 week review at the centre for diabetes and endocrinology at St. James hospital after starting a patient on a new medication is safe, let alone best practice.This new insulin is of the things that helps keep my bloods stable, and I'm getting on well with it, but it wasn't plain sailing from the start. I've made my own adjustments to time and doasage and I still don't know if I should be splitting this into 2 x 20 unit injections. But who am i to ask?I had my HBA1C taken yesterday which for those of you who don't know is a blood test used to show the long term average of your blood glucose. Last time I'd reduce it down to 67, almost at the point I wanted it so be at (in 50s) however I know on this new insulin it will be higher, I've no doubts. Why? Because I've not had the support I needed to quickly and effectively adapt and change this new treatment to suit me and my body.The #NHS has its pros and [email protected] sort it out please !!!