Dear @TeamNovoNordisk & @NovoNordisk As a type one diabetic and avid cyclist I'm understandably and somewhat predictably a hug fan of #TeamNovoNordisk and the work they've done towards #ChangingDiabetes and the perception of diabetica and their ability to both participate and be competitive in sport and particularly cycling.As you can see I'm the proud owner of the #TNN 2017 kit and also the 2017 development kit.When I'm on the bike these days I often get the horn blasted at me, hand gestures thrown at me and people shouting at me as I cycle past them. For most cyclist this is negative attention but for myself wearing the #TNN kit brings friendly toots, waving and thumbs up and the words people are shouting include things like "great kit" and "keep at it" "you're nearly at the top" . It fills me with confidence in my own ability and pride in knowing I'm wearing a brand people know and recognise for doing a good thingToday I've gone to look at the new 2018 kits and priced up all 11 items of cycling clothing to buy. To my horror the total price comes to €569.20Now as a type one on all #NovoNordisk insulins I'm not naive and recognise that pharmaceutical companies are their to make a profit. However when I see that NovoNordisk profits exceeded 49billion BKK last year (over £5.4 billion USD) I can't help but feel the company could be doing more to make those kits more accessible for aspiring athletes like myself. From a business perspective I feel that if you were to reduce the costs of the kits then more people could ride in them, and help change the view of the potential of diabetics, and importantly grow even more confidence in the brand and thus increasing the number of users of your products.I want nothing more than to be riding in the new 2018 kit which is far better suited to the UKswet muddy roads and weather. Ideally I'd be riding every day on the road and MTB in the new kit but I just can't afford it at its current price point, which is an issue I hope you'll address. Even if it was to just discount it for type one diabetics only. Or offer some sort of discount loyalty to those wanting to buy a lot of the kit.Speak soonHenry AspdenT1 🚵