My #Strava in 2017If you'd have asked me a little over a year ago how I'd feel about these stats today I'd have said I would be let down. I'd have said that I had massively underacheived and missed out on all my targets and goals for the year… … however looking back now on 2017 I'm thrilled with these numbers. It's been a very tough 12 months with lots of ups and downs. Physically I'm only just starting to feel like I'm getting back to my old self and even then I still have good days and very bad ones too… I look back a few months to when I was in tears every night in pain and emotionally down in the dumps. I was dreading my December work load with 16 gigs across the month and not many of them local and I was almost ready to give up. But I kept on fighting and was determined to not cave.December's work was a pleasure and comparatively easy. I now look forward to my work !The past few months in particular have been mentally tough having been attacked by several more debilitating physical symptoms which challenge me on a daily basis. However, I have to thank my family and friends for putting up with me and continuing to support me on this road to full recovery. It's hard to see your path to good health without an actual diagnosis for any of your symptoms- it almost makes you feel like a hypochondriac, as if the symptoms aren't actually real. However the love and support they bring keeps me going and facing in the right direction. Even if at times I'm slipping backwards on the scale of health, I keep facing in the right direction, swimming upstream against the ever frequent flowing current of regression.Here's to 2018, more miles on the bike, fresh new goals and targets, to personal milestones and to plotting and tredding that path through the foggy misty roads in the direction of recovery!Here's to the only two important things in life, the things that all others revolve around… Here's to health and happiness !#happiness #health #cycling #diabetes #diabeatthis #diabeatit #strava2017 #riding