Stuck in Manchester airport today with a 5 hour delay after the plane we were on broke down… We literally taxi'ed to the runway, drove down it, then turned off. We then went back to the start of the runway​, drove back down it before turning off again, this time to taxi to a parking spot on a stand to wait for an engineer to come and investigate a fault withe a hydraulics system… An hour later we were told that a part was being driven from Liverpool to come and fix the fault and we were to be bused back to the terminal building whilst the issue was being fixed… At 12:00 we finally pushed back off the stand in a new plane that was flown in to replace ours as it still hadn't been fixed yet… Original departure was 6:40, actually take-off was at 12:10… Nothing like a casual 5.5 hour delay with #RyanairThere goes one of our future days of cycling :( #budgetairlines #payingtheprice #delays