It was a tough day today tapping out on the bike to #Ilkley… It's always difficult and a bit of a shock jumping on the bike after a long time off. But it's fair to say that after my scary hospital admission over xmas I've never felt worse on the bike than I did jumping back on today.Popping on the lycra this morning gave me a real scare as my bib tights hung off my legs as if they were hung out to dry. I used to have calf muscles and thighs but not any more… At the same time as feeling dreadful, I had a euphoria sort of moment out on the bike. Finally feeling well enough to ride again – even if it was at a record low pace – it felt wonderful. I've missed it so much and it felt too good to be back !We stopped off at #TheCommute where #TheWizzard #ChrisHope was working on the bikes, the coffee was flowing and the tomato soup and homemade sausage roll hit the spot. We then set off back home after a much needed break after only about a half hours riding..